Letterpress Poster & Frame

Hand-printed poster,
brass frame and
oak stand are included.

Letterpress Poster & Frame includes hand-printed vintage letterpress poster, thin brass frame, and an oak stand. The poster will be put in between 2 acrylic plates, as it’s floating in the air.
It can be displayed on a shelf or on a TV board with its oak stand. You can also hang on a wall with the hook which is included as well.
There are currently 6 designs for Letterpress Poster: Boy’s Day, No Phone and Our Oath. For Holiday Season’s poster are Silent Night, Reindeer and Tree. New designs are on the way as well.

Designed by NECKTIE design office
Frame: W137*H274*D8.4mm
Oak stand: W137*H30*D60mm
Package: W147*H48*D290mm
Brass, oak tree, acryl, paper
Made in Japan
Design registration is applied

Letterpress Poster & Frame

From the left, Our Oath, Boy’s Day, and No Phone. New designs are on the way as well.

For Holiday Season’s poster, from left to right: Silent Night, Reindeer and Tree.

I got the idea of Letterpress Poster & Frame when my son was born, and wanted to have traditional Japanese carp-shaped streamer that can be displayed on my shelf.
May 5th, “Boy’s day” , is a Japanese national holiday to celebrate children’s growth and happiness. On that day, “koi-nobori” , or the carp-shaped streamer is raised on a flag pole outside their houses. How parents do care about their children have not changed from the past; however, it is more difficult to decorate a big carp-shaped streamer nowadays because of a change in living environments. It is same for me as well, we were not able to raise it outdoor because of its size. I started designing this poster, thinking it will be much easier if it can be displayed on the shelf or in any place, in any home.

Thin, delicate brass frame is produced by precision metalworking company in Kyoto. It was very difficult to create a thin frame without a back plate, we’ve developed a method of fastening 4 corners with small screws (applying for design registration).

Oak stand is produced by furniture manufacturing company in Higashi-Osaka. The design motif is from the leg of a screen-panel which are often seen in Japanese-style houses. The stand is made out from the solid oakwood. Oak stand is antiqued finish, please read here for details before purchasing.

You can hang on a wall, using the hook included.

Hanging like a ceiling mobile looks beautiful too.

Swaying in the Wind.

Pure brass changes its color as time passes. As you touch more with your hand, the color nicely settles. We chose brass material hoping you will enjoy a change in the color, as with your children’s growth.


Poster is hand-printed one by one with vintage letterpress printer. It is made with cotton 100% “Awa-washi” which is produced in Tokushima, a one kind of traditional Japanese paper “washi” . Each poster has its own uniqueness and variation, such as as inky blobs, ink evenness, or faintly prints.

You are able to add your favorite words in one line at the bottom of the poster with letterpress print (only at Shop by Necktie, with additional fee).
Please check here for the detail.

Sample text for personalization. You can add your favorite words or parents’ names with your child’s name.

Poster: Boy’s Day

Poster: No Phone
We used an old-style technique, letterpress design, to express about smartphone which is an example of modern technology. The design is drawn with a technique called hatching, which is often used in old dictionaries or encyclopedias.

Poster: Our Oath
It is an oath between you and your loved one or the partner. On the poster, 5 promises are stated: 1) To always be honest, 2) To never forget to smile and say thank you, 3) To trust and help each other, 4) To value each other, and 5) To never forget the importance of the past, and believe in the future.

Prints are made with metal type Centaur, its unique expression is never be made digitally.

You can put your name and your partner’s name on the poster with letterpress print (only at Shop by Necktie, with additional fee). Please check here for the detail.

Frame and stand only (without poster)

You can put square photos or postcards.

Gift wrapping service with Shop by Neckite’s original paper is also available for a fee. Please check here for the detail.

How to set up Letterpress Poster & Frame.

Frame and stand only

12,100 YEN
13,200 YEN

Available option

Please choose your desired product from the list below.

No Phone
Silent Night


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Letterpress Poster & Frame

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